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Last update of April 23, 2017
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Última actualización de fecha 23 de abril de 2017

Nueva actualización de LanDTM con acceso al MDT de todo el mundo y presentación gráfica y navegación tipo "Google maps", trabajar fuera de Autocad e importar ficheros LIDAR LAS/LAZ. Se ha creado una herramienta que importa los ficheros "SHAPE", *.shp, de cualquier cosa, desde fichero de estaciones, GPS, hastya ficheros de Catastro, de cualquier municipio y se dibujan completamente en el CAD. Puedes ver los detalles en la página de Actualizaciones o descargártela desde Descargas.

Hemos creado un canal de YouTube para ir subiendo todos los vídeos que se vayan haciendo y así hacerte más cómodo el poder visualizarlos desde cualquier parte. Por favor, pasa por el canal para verlos y suscríbete, y así sabrás siempre cuando se actualiza el programa o se sube algún vídeo automáticamente.

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Nuevo entorno tipo "Google maps"
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MDT SRTM de toda la tierra
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Edición de la triangulación en el nuevo entorno
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Captura y representación de imágenes en el CAD
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Importar un fichero LIDAR LAS/LAZ
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Importar zona desde múltiples ficheros LIDAR LAS/LAZ
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Importar, por zonas, ficheros LIDAR LAS/LAZ

For many years I've liked to create and upload on the internet a program that will help to the creation, visualitation and edition of Digital Terrain Models, D.T.M.s, and now I can offer this program.

So, is included the possiblity to have access to the digital terrain model of all the world, each 90 meters, since you'll be able to design any project in any area of the earth. It has prepared a data server, where are saved all the files which contain the digital terrain models of all the world, and only, you have to do a window of the zone you want view, and you'll be able to get the corresponding digital terrain model.

USA Tenerife island Templates for the world

And this digital terrain model maked with the program can be drawn, in Autocad/BricsCAD, in plain coordinates, or over the reference ellipsoid directly. With the possibility to export these data to Google Earth/Maps, by means of "KML"/"KMZ" files, and then you can share all your data with the rest of the world, quickly and directly.

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Not only the DTM creation with a reliable delaunay triangulation algorithm but this program is prepared for civil engineers and surveyors because it has the possibility to include break-lines and to draw the contour lines without smoothing or with a reliable smoothing algorithm and too, you can add labels on the contour lines.

So, the program is the mother of all the tools for the people which need to work with DTMs.

The program runs on Autocad 2007/2008/2009, Autocad 2010 and BricsCAD v10. I've gotten the "Protopo" libraries, (a famous spanish engineering civil and surveying program), and I've built this program.

And the best feature is that you can edit and draw triangulation lines, as "LINE" entity in the CAD, and after, you can import to the program that triangulation quickly.

But, if you want, you have many tools to edit dynamically the drawn triangulation in autocad viewing the modifications as in the program as in autocad at the same time.

This program is thought as a collaboration program, that's you can get it of many ways. If you are student or educational center you have the program fully free, but too, it's possible get it free collaborating with translations, good ideas for the next version and advertise it on the internet and friends.

Too, you can make a donation from this page with PayPal.


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